Poem Share Best Food Poems

For POEM SHARE, children's poets from across the county present their favorite poems for Poetry Month and beyond. This year, POEM SHARE is back with some greatest hits! Here are some favorite poem videos about food. Yum!  

In this Poem Share, children's author, speaker, publisher, and poetry advocate Janet Wong talks about the joy poems spread, whether they are serious or silly, like her poem "Noodles." 

This Poem Share is sure to make you hungry! JoAnn Early Macken reads her poem "Hamburger," a list poem all about different kinds of hamburgers and hamburger toppings. 

Imagine what would happen if everything you touched or saw turned into a poem?  Poems about toothpaste. The staircase. Even french fries. This is exactly what happens in the book The Poem that Will Not End  by Joan Bransfield Graham.  In this Poem Share,  Joan presents a couplet from the book called "Couplet for French Fries." 

Take a trip to the grocery store with children's poet Linda Dryfhout in this Poem Share. "Unpack" is an ekphrastic poem, or a poem based on a work of art.   

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Montage image showing a headshot of children's author and poet Michelle Schaub and four covers of her picture books Dream Big Little Scientists, Fresh-Picked Poetry A Day at the Farmers Market, Finding Treasure A Collection of Collections, and Kindness is a Kite String

About Michelle Schaub

Michelle Schaub is a language arts teacher and award-winning children's poet. She is the author of the picture book poetry collections Fresh-Picked Poetry: A Day at the Farmers’ Market and Finding Treasure: A Collection of Collections. She is also the author of two picture books in verse, Dream Big, Little Scientists and Kindness is a Kite String: The Uplifting Power of Empathy. Her poems appear in several anthologies, including  Great Morning! Poems for School Leaders to Read Aloud.  Michelle loves visiting schools and speaking at conferences on the power of poetry to boost literacy. Find out more at:  https://www.michelleschaub.com/


  1. My student James in 2nd grade wrote a poem after Janet Wong's Noodle poem which he memorized.

    Tacos I Would Eat

    Tacos to crunch!
    Tacos to munch!
    I can eat a whole bunch.
    I would drink fruit punch.
    Hit that sour cream
    and I will scream.


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