Poem Share #15: Eileen Meyer Presents "Best Use of An Accessory"

Poem Share #14: B.J. Lee Presents "Witches' Wishlist"

Poem Share #13: Alan Katz Presents "Ch-Ch-Ch-Check Please"

Poem Share #12: Patricia Toht Presents "The Tube"

Poem Share # 11: Rebecca Gardyn Levington Presents "Our Walk to School"

Poem Share #10: Marjorie Maddox Presents "How to Write a Villanelle."

Poem Share # 9: Heidi Bee Roemer Presents "A Song for Spring"

Poem Share #8: Michelle Schaub Presents "Granny's Teapots"

Poem Share #7: Jane Heitman Healy Presents "Heartbeat"

Poem Share #6: Jacqueline Jules Presents from "Tag Your Dreams"

Poem Share #5: Zetta Elliott Presents "Everyday Use"

Poem Share #4: Buffy Silverman Presents "Think of An Atom"

Poem Share #3: Rose Capelli Presents "Can You Wiggle Like a Worm?"

Poem Share #2: Matt Forrest Esenwine Presents" Goblin Shark"

Poem Share #1: Leslie Bulion Presents "Bolas Spider"

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