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KINDNESS IS... Encouraging Empathy with Poetry

Poem Share #26: Heidi Mordhorst Presents "Petaling"

Poem Share #25: Margaret Simon Presents "Peep Eye"

Poem Share #24: Michele Krueger Presents "The Man Who Scattered Pollen Underneath the Sun"

Poem Share #23 : Janet Clare Fagal Presents "Calling All Kids"

Poem Share #22: Lori Degman Presents "You Do You"

Poem Share #21: Eric Ode Presents "The Frog"

Poem Share #20 : Robyn Hood Black Presents Some Spring Haiku

Poem Share #19 : Erin Dealey Presents "The Book Report."

Poem Share #18: Joan Bransfield Graham Presents "Couplet for French Fries"

Poem Share #17: Linda Dryfhout Presents "Let's Dance"