Poem Share #20 : Robyn Hood Black Presents Some Spring Haiku


POEM SHARE: Children's poets from across the county presenting their favorite poems for Poetry Month and beyond!

In this Poem Share, chirp along with the birds as Robyn Hood Black present some of her haiku to celebrate spring. 

Discover more poems by  Robyn Hood Black in School People, an anthology by Lee Bennett Hopkins that celebrates all of the grown-ups that children encounter during the school day, and Imperfect: Poems About Mistakes, an anthology by Tabitha Yeatts for middle schoolers. 

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  1. Oh I loved seeing Robyn in her backyard surrounded by happy birdsong and Haiku! Wonderful.
    I would love to see you do more videos , Robyn.
    Janet Clare F.

  2. Oh, thanks so much, Janet! I posted a video for every weekday for Poetry Month last year (2020)- published poetry for kids on M, W, F and published haiku appropriate for kids on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They're all on my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAI6OdJTWQxpyjzBzYDS3YA :0)

  3. Robyn, I also liked hearing you read your haikus from your backyard. They were all different and shared such lovely images. Thanks for always providing us with your knowledge about haiku writing with great mentor texts.


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