Poem Share #25: Margaret Simon Presents "Peep Eye"

POEM SHARE: Children's poets from across the county presenting their favorite poems for Poetry Month and beyond!

Travel to the bayou with Margaret Simon as she presents her poem "Peep Eye" in this Poem Share video, followed by an invitation to try a poetry writing exercise. 

Explore more of the plants and animals of the bayou in Margaret Simon's poetry collection Bayou Song, which include poetry and creative writing prompts for students.  
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  1. This is FANTASTIC, Margaret. I am going to try it out and I will share (eventually), promise! I love your poem, your video, your writing prompt, all of it. A great way to start my day!
    Janet Clare F.
    PS Michelle, I will be sorry to see this end. Maybe you will make it an annual event and teachers, I am sure will love it as they come to "count" on it.

  2. I love hearing your calm voice sharing Bayou Song today. This exercise is a wonderful way to have students get involved in poetry. Thanks for sharing and Michelle, thank you for providing such a great resource.


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