Poem Share #4: Buffy Silverman Presents "Think of An Atom"


POEM SHARE: Children's poets from across the county presenting their favorite poems for Poetry Month and beyond!

Delve into the building blocks of matter with this Poem Share of Buffy Silverman reading "Think of an Atom," from The Poetry of Science by Pomelo Books. 

Still want more science poetry? You can find 247 other STEM poems in this anthology for science fans. 

Then check out Buffy Silverman's rhyming picture book, On a Snow Melting Day.

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  1. Wonderful, Buffy - you're such a master at making science fun and approachable. Have a "zip-zapping" Poetry Month!

  2. Terrific video and terrific poem. I can't wait to share this with kids and teacher friends! You make atoms sound as interesting as they are. Thanks, Buffy (and Michelle)!
    Janet Clare F.

  3. As a child who was fascinated by science, but who sometimes struggled to understand it, your poem sure would have helped! Thanks, Buffy!

  4. Wonderful, Buffy--love your poem!

  5. One small atom, one giant poem for mankind! Excellent, Buffy!

  6. Excellent poem Buffy. What a great way to get kids excited by atoms!


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