Poem Share: Bridget Magee Presents "The Jaunty Letter J"

Poem SharePOEM SHARE: Children's poets from across the globe presenting their favorite poems for Poetry Month and beyond!

If the letter J had a personality, what would it be? Find out in this Poem Share by  
children's poet Bridget Magee, who gets a little help from her canine companion Smidgey to share her poem "The Jaunty Letter J."  What's your favorite alphabet letter? Try writing your own poem about that letter! 

You can find "The Jaunty Letter J" in the 10:10 Poetry Anthology, which Bridget edited and compiled. The poems in this clever anthology are divided into 10 categories based on "ten."  Take ten and explore the creative contributions from talented children's poets from around the world. 

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  1. I really enjoy this poem, and it's not just because of my name!

  2. Love it! I've been a bit of a Smidgey fan for a while now. That dog is just so dang clever!

  3. That J sure knows how to jubilate! Especially love that clever ending. :)


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