Poem Share: Carmen Bernier-Grand Presents "My Sister Lisette"

Poem SharePOEM SHARE: Children's poets from across the globe presenting their favorite poems for Poetry Month and beyond!

Do you have a favorite bedtime routine? In "My Sister Lisette," Puerto Rican children's author Carmen Bernier-Grand recounts her own childhood nightly ritual. Enjoy this Poem Share, presented by Carmen in both English and Spanish.  

Here's a picture of Carmen and her sister Lisette as children. Can you imagine these two checking under the bed before going to sleep? Find "My Sister Lisette" and poems for every grade level, K-5, in The Poetry Friday Anthology 

Carmen is the author of numerous poetic children's book biographies of important Latino and Hispanic figures. Her most recent book, We Laugh Alike/ Juntos nos reĆ­mos, is a friendship-affirming bilingual picture book. 

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