Poem Share: Patricia Toht Presents "Cosmic Stew"

Poem SharePOEM SHARE: Children's poets from across the globe presenting their favorite poems for Poetry Month and beyond!

If astronauts ran out of food on a space mission, what would they eat? In this Poem Share, children's author Patricia Toht imagines what space ingredients astronauts might use to brew a "Cosmic Stew."  

Patricia is the author of many delightful picture books-in-verse, including Dress Like a Girl. You can also take a trip to London and enjoy the sights in her poetry collection All Aboard The London Bus

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  1. Patty! Such a unique, fun poem. The illustration Mr. Toht created support the text beautifully.

    Suzy Leopold

  2. Cosmic Stew is delicious! Love the illustration, too.


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